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Stay Focused Perfume Oil


This perfume oil is my personal favorite. The scent is woodsy and alluring. This is a unisex scent and smells great on both men and women!

The essential oils in this blend also have the aromatherapy benefits of helping you focus and concentrate. This makes it great for studying or when you have lots of work piling up.

Your skin is your largest organ so you don't want to spray chemicals all over it with fake scents.

This oil is carefully crafted to smell amazing and is great for your skin! You also get the aromatherapy benefits from the pure essential oils.

This oil is scented with pure essential oils of: vetiver, rosemary, cedarwood, and lavender.

I have other scents available, see my other listings.

Comes in a 0.35 oz glass roller ball container.

To Use:
Apply to skin as needed

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