Pumice Stone + Nail Brush
Pumice Stone + Nail Brush
Pumice Stone + Nail Brush

Pumice Stone + Nail Brush


This bamboo nail brush + pumice stone is the ultimate treat for your feet! Works great to prep your feet before using our Herbal Salves or Body Oils.

The pumice stone, which comes from molten volcanic rocks, reduces the accumulated dead skin on the feet. On the other side, the brush, which is the perfect mix of softness and rigidity, will clean the feet and toenails softly.

It can also be used for dry brushing: it makes a lymphatic massage that helps stimulate the body's blood circulation and consequently evacuate toxins from the body.

The brush is made out of polypropylene bristles, a recyclable material and an alternative to brushes which are generally made of wild boar hair. This fiber allows to have an ecological product, vegan and not tested on the animals.

To maximize its effects, use it on skin soaked in soapy water. After washing, gently rub the stone in circular motion on your feet.

*Avoid water on the bamboo handle.

Wash with mild soap and air dry thoroughly after use.

Material: Bamboo + volcanic pumice stone + polypropylene bristles.

Dimensions: 7" x 1.5"